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Support Crowdfunding Project: “Why My Mummy”

Featured on “The Project“, Juanita Childs, a woman with terminal cancer, spoke about her struggle to talk about her illness with her son. She has written a book from the perspective of her 9 year-old son, Kai, to help others who are experiencing the same struggle.  Support the publishing of this book through donations on the following link:

Source: Let’s publish ‘Why My Mummy?’ by Juanita Childs

What Oprah Wants You To Know


Oprah, humanitarian, media mogul, giver of cars, and American icon, graced our shores with a mission to ‘turn up the volume’ in our lives in her recent live show, ‘An Evening with Oprah’. Part mentor, part life-coach, part mother figure, and part bestie, Oprah gave a frank and intimate account of her life journey and the insights she gained on the way. Her goal, “to drop pieces of light into people’s lives.” If you missed it, this is what Oprah wants you to know. Continue reading What Oprah Wants You To Know