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Shirley Manson Talks About the Obsession with “Beauty”

Scottish rockchick and all-around badass, Shirley Manson, lead singer of band Garbage took some time during her concert to talk about the craziness of current beauty ideals held up by social media. “We all have to focus a little more on other things other than how we look.”

Garbage at Regent Theatre Melbourne
Garbage at Regent Theatre Melbourne

Expressing her personal frustration about societal pressures to achieve perfection according to narrow notions of what that means, she asked, “Am I the only one who thinks this is insane?!” With the support of the audience, Manson declared, “We believe to be a little weird and a little off-centred and a little flawed and a little fucked up and a little messy is actually a beautiful thing.”

Shirley Manson of Garbage
Shirley Manson of Garbage

She then introduced her next song, Bleed Like Me, a single and the title of their fourth studio album released in 2005. Described as the band’s “philosophy on life”, Bleed Like Me is a song that implores us to understand that although our struggles may differ,  we are all essentially the same.

Garbage in Melbourne 2016
Garbage in Melbourne 2016

Check out excerpt of video from concert on twitter

A Legend Lost: Indelible Prince 


Prince, arguably one of the most talented musical geniuses of all time, died suddenly today. Another legend lost this year and another artist who was part of so many memorable moments of my life.

When Purple Rain was released, I was an impressionable 12 year old–I remember going to my first big dance and when “Let’s Go Crazy” started playing, a senior named Joe took the dance floor and literally went crazy while all of us laughed and cheered, I remember being shocked when my friend Brooke and her mother were singing the lyrics of “Darling Nikki” in the car (even the masturbation part!), I remember sneaking into my first ‘naughty’ movie, “Purple Rain,” with my precocious friends, and I remember “When Doves Cry” being my favorite song that I listened to for hours and hours and hours.

Funny story, I thought Prince introduced me to a new vocabulary word, “strikerious” which I surmised to mean ‘striking and mysterious.’  As in, ‘and the most strikerious poses’ in the song, “When Doves Cry.” I kept trying to look the word up in the dictionary, and no joke, did not know until YEARS later, that it was, “animals strike curious poses.” Strikerious still remains in my lexicon and, frankly, should be a word. I also got the lyrics wrong in another iconic song, “Little Red Corvette” which was always known to me as “Lady in a Red Corvette,” again for YEARS. Embarrassing but true.

Here’s another memory that makes me smile–I watched Prince perform at Superbowl XLI with my three-month old daughter sitting on my lap. Introducing my daughter to her first Superbowl and her first halftime show, watching Prince perform “Purple Rain” in the pouring rain– how can you beat that?! I know I have video of this somewhere…

In the meantime, check out the NFL clip about Prince’s halftime show.

Prince was a quirky guy, a one of a kind, a perfectionist, a creative force to be reckoned with and a guy who liked to win–just take it from Dave Chappelle, who parodied him in his segment, “True Hollywood Stories,” in which comedian, Charlie Murphy, hilariously recounts how he and his brother, comedian, Eddie Murphy, witnessed Prince’s basketball prowess.

I was lucky, I got to see Prince in concert during his Musicology tour. You couldn’t help but just marvel at the immensity of his talent and leave feeling grateful for the opportunity to witness genius. I only wish I hadn’t taken it for granted when I passed up seeing him this year, thinking I would have ample opportunities to see him perform again.

Unfortunately for all of us, we won’t. But we were so fortunate to have his music, his talent, his genius as part of our lifetime, etched in our memories, and forever imprinted on our souls.

Prince–the most ‘strikerious’ singer, musician, poet, artist ever.

One of his memorable performances with Beyonce at the 2004 Grammy’s.

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – The Godfather In Concert

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Already delighting audiences of all ages with their live performances of the score during films Babe, Star Trek and Back to the Future, the MSO are poised for their 2016 performances of The Godfather in March and April.


Source: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – The Godfather In Concert
by Lillian Nejad, PhD