Blog Submissions

We are looking for pieces in line with our mission of highlighting how the
arts help promote mental health. Articles that highlight and cite actual
psychological evidence/research, and provide critical analysis are most
welcome. Opinion/personal experience pieces are also welcome as long as
they are in line with the values and mission of PopcornPsych. And we
appreciate a good dose of humour‹quirky, irreverent, wry, ironic, witty…

If you think your work is a good fit, please submit using the form below.
You may submit already self-published works as well as original pieces. We
will respond within 2-3 weeks if you are successful. We are currently not
paying our bloggers; however, if you are published on PopcornPsych, you will
become part of our behind-the-scenes blogging community. We encourage
cross-promotion to help your audience grow along with the rest of the
members our group!

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