The Sound of Music: Psychologically Significant


You may not know that The Sound of Music was originally a Broadway musical composed by the famous and prolific duo, Rodgers and Hammerstein. Six years after its Broadway debut, it was released as a film (1965) and won the hearts and minds of young and old for decades.

What is it about this tale and how it is told that resonates with people across cultures and generations, why is it that you can watch it over and over again with the same amount of joy and anticipation but with new insights every time, and how is it that the principle values of the story are still relevant, impactful and enduring? Already recognized for its cultural, historical and aesthetic significance by the United States National Film Registry, its psychological significance is at least of equal value.

The Sound of Music espouses what may be seen as very current and modern ideas about the importance of:

  • self- and other-acceptance (“How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria),
  • how to cope with uncertainty and fear (“My Favorite Things”, “I Have Confidence”),
  • the importance of play in children’s development and well-being (scenes featuring “Do-Re-Mi”)
  • facing adversity with integrity and resilience (“Climb Ev’ry Mountain”),
  • the importance of values and belonging (“Edelweiss”), and
  • the role of music and nature in problem-solving and emotional fulfillment (“The hills are alive with the sound of music”).

This story is accessible and relatable to all ages and can be experienced as a stage musical, a film, or even in a fun, engaging ‘Sing-Along’ format. Don’t miss out on what is sure to be a memorable and psychologically significant occasion for the whole family.

One thought on “The Sound of Music: Psychologically Significant

  1. This is truly a classic as the word ” classic” means forever in style. It happened that i came across it again flipping channels during Christmas week. I was mesmerized as I was as a teenager watching the beautifully translated Farsi version of it in Iran.
    These kind of movies and those type of men are history for sure.

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