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David Bowie Is

“Let’s Dance, Put on your Red Shoes and Dance the Blues.” 

David Bowie no longer resides with us on Earth but he still ‘Is’.  Through his music and his art, one of the most iconic and creative forces exists, lives, and endures in the hearts, minds and senses of millions.

Thankfully, his recent exhibition, ‘David Bowie is’, at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in Melbourne allowed us to celebrate his work and his life. The exhibition, an immersive and sensory experience, showcased his work over the past five decades with heavy emphasis on his early influences and his work and collaborations in the 1970s.

DB Melbourne

Once described as a “self-constructed freak,” David Bowie’s creative practices and progression as a singer, songwriter, artist, author, and actor were not contrived nor freakish, rather they were purely expressions of his authentic self.  The notion of freedom of expression is often construed as an act of defiance or rebellion, but only if it challenges the social mores of the time.

Davie Bowie Is Exhibition
‘Davie Bowie Is’ Exhibition

What made David Bowie so intriguing was that his avant-garde authenticity transcended time, and continued to be modern, current, and relevant. David Bowie was an artist, David Bowie was a creative and prolific innovator, David Bowie was provocatively and boldly authentic, and he always will be.

Hugh Jackman “Having a Go” in Broadway to Oz


Hugh Jackman delighted thousands in his Broadway to Oz performance at Rod Laver Area in Melbourne. The audience reveled in his old style showmanship, his affable nature, his personal stories, and his immense talent. To say that Hugh Jackman is a triple threat is to underestimate the power of his personality endearing him to audiences of all ages and making him a quadruple threat at the very least.

Jackman, supported by an esteemed Melbourne orchestra and a brilliant company of singers and dancers, created an intimate atmosphere in the large arena venue by telling personal stories, engaging members of the audience (Sebastian a pint-sized future star and Lizzie the dancing granny were the stand-outs), and inviting the audience to participate in several numbers. Continue reading Hugh Jackman “Having a Go” in Broadway to Oz